Campbell Autos


Engine diagnostics A65Not many garages specialise in fault fixing tricky and difficult long-term problems. However at Campbell Autos, we pride ourselves in resolving recurring and intermittent electrical sensor faults. We have specialist fault finding equipment for tackling a wide range range of problems.

A list of common problems we have helped to solve in the past include:

  • Engine management lights
  • ECU faults – Engine Control Unit
  • EGR faults – Emissions
  • Air Conditioning problems
  • Crank, cam shaft, knock and speed sensor problems
  • Generic electrical problems related to the engine loom


To plug your car into our diagnostics tool will initially cost £30. Thereafter, we will try to identify you problem and advise of its resolution cost. This will of course vary greatly dependent on which sensor or part needs to be placed and how hard it is to reach within the engine bay. No work will commence without your prior approval.